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Wellness Wednesday: Slowing Down

Wow, the holidays are just about here...

I know for myself, I feel the wonders of how another year could have possibly passed by? Time feels a bit immeasurable - slow at times, and yet incredibly fast during others.

When we go to yoga and practice other forms of self-care, we get to literally slow down the way we experience time, drop into our bodies, and be present in a way that ripples out into the rest of our day and all those we come into contact with.

Recently, I had the opportunity of assisting and participating on retreat in Costa Rica. To be surrounded by nature and the support of the staff and retreat center was a true gift that allowed me the freedom to really let go and relax in a really deep way.

Coming home also felt like one of the greatest gifts of all because I could take the felt and known sensation of relaxation in my body with me into my daily life - the biggest + best souvenir of all!

As Krishna Das says, “to ‘practice’ really just means getting comfortable with what it feels like to calm down and to relax.”

Each time we step onto the mat, we have the opportunity to drop into our bodies and practice getting comfortable with that feeling of slowing down of taking refuge in our own hearts again and again. And when we fall out, we have the opportunity of getting right back in. The moments of noticing we have drifted off can be our greatest gifts--doorways back into our own inner temple.

So, when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed this season, we can give ourselves the gift of P R A C T I C E. The true and invaluable gift of our presence.

Honoring that practice can look differently each and everyday allows for us to customize and cater to our own needs on a daily basis. Some days, we may need to have a more heated vinyasa session, while others may be more quiet and yin-like, while other days may include periods of rest and relaxation--like taking a nice hot bath, walking in nature, sipping a cup of tea, or journaling to calm the nervous system.

As we practice, in whatever form it may take, we have the opportunity to bring the gift of our presence with us, wherever we may go.

While time may still continue to flow as it does, we can participate with ourselves in our surroundings in a conscious and embodied way, showing ourselves so much love and compassion throughout the process. And as winter approaches, we can follow its queue to turn inwards, find stillness, and to rest. We can follow the nature of the season, even if only for moments in our day--these moments make up our experience of life. The Bhagavad Gita teaches, "no effort is ever wasted." When we make an effort to turn towards ourselves and nurture whatever is arising, we get to fill our cup and recharge.

Remembering to listen and slow down not only helps our own nervous systems, but those around us as well.

We are all doing the very best that we can and we are all walking each other home (Ram Dass).

With compassion + love,


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