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Wellness Wednesday: Transformation

It’s okay to be


Confusion is the

perfect playing ground

for transformation.

The alchemy is in the evolution

from confusion to enlightenment.

To be okay with being confused,

dear heart,

is enlightenment.

-Unknown author


When something comes to an end it feels like a death, it feels painful. When something comes to an end (like a job, a relationship, or an idea) taking the next step can be confusing.

Whatever it was that came to an end ~WAS~ the path. What happens when the path is *poof* ..gone!?

What to do next?

What a vulnerable and exposed feeling that is,

not to know where to go or what to do next after the universe tells you NOPE.

How confusing that moment is.

Recently, my partner lost his job. That is where these ideas and pondering are coming from.

After a plethora of questions and a brief grieving period, we started to wonder...

what if it wasn’t a loss?

What if it is actually a re-routing, an opportunity for something new,

a transformation.

Taking this viewpoint is refreshing, inspiring, and enlightening.

Taking this viewpoint feels like moving forward instead of backward.

Letting go of what we thought was, and stepping in to what will be.

The above poem explains that

a huge part of transformation is being okay with the discomfort of confusion.

This might mean letting go and shedding certain beliefs and ideas of what our lives should look like.

Truth is, the universe has bigger and better plans for all of us, and if we get out of our own way and allow life to unfold we realize our highest and truest potential.



How can you embrace the evolution from confusion to enlightenment

by letting go of past ideas, beliefs, and stories?

How would you like to shift your viewpoint of something ending

into something shifting and transforming?

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