I had an amazing weekend! Wonderful women. Delicious food! A real chance to unwind, reflect and relax. Thank you!

-Melina S.


Thank you for the peaceful getaway retreat.... love your direction in everything you do: ) I was so lucky to have the opportunity to spend some time with my daughter....

Kathleen XOXO


I went to the retreat mostly out of curiosity but found that I had "changed" when I returned from it. It was a great opportunity to meet interesting women, eat good food, learn to meditate and learn how to look inward and lastly treat my body to yoga practice.


This retreat was SO needed. I am so appreciative of the environment that Kayla, Delaney, Amber & Chelsea created. I left this retreat feeling inspired, that I had released (FINALLY) the energy that was no longer serving me and have been reaping the benefits ever since. Thank you again so much. This time was magical and I feel like I have finally returned back to myself and it's all thanks to the efforts and community that gathered together for this special weekend :) THANK YOU, THANK YOU! xoxoxo

-Tessa A.


I would 1000% recommend this yoga/woman’s retreat! I went to support a friend, and wasn’t really feeling like I was in need of a spiritual jump but wether you need it or not, these girls are soul openers!! Also, they did not skip a beat when it came to the organization, but yet is felt sooo unforced and calm, that organized isn’t even the right word! I can’t wait for the next one!!


Best. Retreat. Ever. Skilled, loving teachers (goddesses). Amazing, beautiful location. Top notch healthy food and activities (5 star). With One Love Yoga Retreats I’ve found my people and jam. Unconditional support, love, wisdom, kindness. Attention to detail and diving deep!!!!!! I could not recommend more highly! Delaney and Kayla are lovelights and put their whole hearts and souls into creating magical, transformative retreats. I’m spilling over with awe and gratitude.

-Shannon H.


This was such a wonderful retreat led by two of the wisest, most empathic and kindest women I have ever known! I felt nourished, inspired, heard and rejuvenated. But more importantly, I took away a feeling or almost a sense of stillness that I believe I will be able to call upon or return to when I need, especially during times of anxiousness. Thank you!